Code of Conduct

At Appfarm, we believe all people should be treated with fairness and respect, and aim to help each other, our customers and partners, as a company and as people. This Code of Conduct provides guidelines for all Appfarm employees. These guidelines address both the things we strive to do and the things we won't do.

At Appfarm, we are committed to providing a healthy work environment and culture: one where everyone is respected, welcomed, included, and free from discrimination, harassment, and intimidation for any reason. We expect all Appfarm employees to hold themselves to the highest standards as part of the Appfarm family. We recognize that each of us is an ambassador for Appfarm and for each other. Integrity is central to protecting our culture as well as our reputation. Therefore, we consider those who do not abide by this Code of Conduct as not welcome in the Appfarm team, and breach of this code of conduct will have consequences both short term and long term.

We act with integrity

  1. We are honest and transparent. If we say something either publicly or privately, then we believe that it is true. We do not intentionally omit important and relevant factual information to deceive others. We strive to be clear and transparent in our communications.

  2. We protect sensitive information. When we are entrusted with sensitive, confidential, or personal information, we use appropriate measures to secure it. We respect requests for privacy and confidentiality.

  3. We disclose known conflicts of interest as early as possible.

  4. We do not steal assets or content. We encourage and respect independent, innovative thinking.

  5. We are responsible with controlled substances. If consuming alcohol, we do so responsibly. Alcohol is never provided to minors. We do not drive under the influence of any legal or illegal drug. We do not distribute, use, or operate under the influence of illegal drugs (defined by law) while participating or engaging in any Appfarm event.

  6. We abide by all local and national laws. We do not do business with bad actors or actors where we suspect foul play or ill intent. We honor international sanctions. We are careful to do business only with lawful parties.

  7. In the fight against climate change, every action matters. We are committed to making environmentally conscious choices regarding how we run our business, including how we choose to travel. Sustainability and environmental impact are considered factors in all our business decisions.

  8. We do not pay or accept bribes. We do not engage in any form of corruption. We act with integrity in our dealings with others and strictly prohibit corrupt activities. The presence of kick-back or bonus models in our business dealings with partners should be clearly communicated to end-customers if asked.

We treat others with respect

  1. We commit to non-hostile, open, and welcoming workplaces. We intentionally create workplace environments where employees, partners, customers, and visitors feel accepted and free to express their opinions, concerns, and needs with an expectation that they will be heard and respected. We communicate professionally and appropriately.

  2. We don’t tolerate illegal discrimination or harassment in any form. Discrimination is unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people. Harassment is unwanted and unwelcome words, deeds, actions, gestures, or behaviors that make someone feel uncomfortable. The following conduct, depending upon the circumstances, may constitute discrimination or harassment, including for observers:

    • Slurs, jokes, statements, remarks, questions, or gestures that are derogatory or demeaning to an individual’s or group’s characteristics or that promote negative stereotypes;

    • Visual displays (including photographs, cartoons, and drawings) of suggestive or degrading images or stereotypes of any individual or group;

    • Limiting opportunities to work on certain assignments based on, for example, race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation;

    • Unwelcome sexual jokes, language, advances or propositions, or comments about an individual’s body;

    • Written or verbal abuse of a sexual nature or the display of sexually suggestive objects, pictures, posters, or cartoons;

    • Unwelcome touching, leering, whistling, brushing against the body, or suggestive, insulting or obscene comments or gestures or inquiries about sexual conduct;

    • Demanding sexual favors in exchange for favorable reviews, assignments, promotions, or continued employment, or promises of the same;

  3. We will quickly take action against employees who display discriminatory or harassing conduct, and train our employees to recognize and address bad behavior. We will ban or disassociate with mentors, investors, employees, contractors, and others who discriminate against or harass others.

  4. We are committed to diversity and inclusion. We are committed to building inclusive work environments that reflect and value the diversity of people and cultures found in the world, which we believe leads to a better and higher-performing company.

  5. We stand up for others. We report violations, and we appropriately intervene in situations when we witness violations of this Code.

  6. We are reachable and responsive. Anyone doing business with us can have a reasonable expectation of receiving a response in a timely fashion.

  7. We respect our legal agreements. We follow the spirit and intent of our legal agreements.

  8. We keep our promises. If we commit to doing something, we do our best to do it. If we can’t keep our promises for some reason, then we strive to make it right in any way possible.

  9. We do right by our customers. We strive to deliver products that delight our customers and seek to exceed their expectations.

  10. We do not attack others electronically. We don’t maliciously attack others using scripts, robots, or similar techniques.

  11. We are not spammers. We do not send bulk unsolicited emails or scrape contact lists and abuse them. We don’t harass prospective customers who have clearly said no to us and opted out of communications.

  12. We encourage professional development. As a company, we do everything we can to ensure the happiness and professional growth of our employees.

  13. We avoid gossip. We don’t share disparaging comments and rumors about others. We are constructive in our feedback and always provide it directly to the individual or company to which it pertains.

  14. We ensure fair pay for equal work. We are committed to ensuring everyone receives fair compensation. We appreciate the commitment of our employees and agree to compensate them without regard to ability status, age, ancestry, civil union, class, color, ethnicity, familial status, gender, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation, or other status.

  15. The Appfarm Code of Conduct is a living document managed by the Appfarm team. For suggested changes, please reach out.

Pay it forward

  1. We help others whenever possible. We are all busy, but when asked, we should respond and help. We are respectful of each other’s time and are clear and focused in our requests.

  2. We are punctual and respond quickly. We make every attempt to prioritize and respond to requests from each other, our customers, and partners.

  3. When somebody takes the initiative, we support, encourage and endorse them.

  4. We pay it forward. We proactively work to give back to the ecosystem by giving first to others in our community with no specific expectations of return.

  5. We appreciate the help of others. Building a startup is a team activity. We express our appreciation for the help of our customers, mentors, and others that make our success possible.

It's OK to:

  1. Not know everything, and ask for help.

  2. Challenge things you disagree with or are not comfortable with.

  3. Add pauses to your day to think, reflect and rest.

  4. Have good days and smile. And have bad days and not smile.

  5. Let your team or manager know things are going great or not going so great.

  6. Put your family before your work.

We strongly encourage everyone to report any violations of this Code of Conduct to any member of Appfarm management you are comfortable reporting to.

Note: The Appfarm Code of Conduct is inspired by the Techstars Code of Conduct and the Arkwright X Code of Conduct.

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