Backup Policy

The Appfarm Platform implements routine automated backup procedures to assist in protecting your solution(s) from data loss. This policy defines what data is backed up, the backup procedures, and how to request data restoration in the event of data loss.

It is important to remember that backups can not prevent all data loss. Your primary protection from data loss is implementation of, and adherence to, your own data protection practices. You are responsible for configuring your solution appropriately in relation to your data protection practices. Backups should be considered supplementary to your internal procedures and some data loss may still occur if your solution is restored from a backup.

Implementation and testing

Automated backup schedules are defined at the time of database creation. Appfarm undertakes manual restoration from backups on a regular basis to test and validate the backup and restoration process. These processes are tracked in an internal system.

Solution model backups

Solution models are considered part of the Appfarm Platform and are subject to Appfarm’s internal backup routines. Automated backups of solution models are run every 6 hours and are retained for up to 12 months. This schedule is subject to change without notice.

Solution data backups

Solution data backups are generated via scheduled disk snapshots which are created by the underlying cloud provider for Appfarm Cloud. Backups are stored in the same region as the primary data.

Solution data backup schedules and retention periods are set according to your subscription tier.

Basic, Essential and Professional

  • Backups are run every 6 hours and retained for 7 days.

  • Weekly backups are retained for 4 weeks.

  • Monthly backups are retained for 3 months.


File backups

When a file is uploaded, a backup is generated. When a file is deleted from Appfarm Create it is moved to a temporary location in the Appfarm Cloud. After 30 days the file is permanently deleted and is no longer stored on the Appfarm Platform.

Data recovery

If a solution has suffered data loss you may request that your data is restored from a backup. The data restoration process will be completed within 7 days from when your request is received, provided there are sufficient grounds for the request. To make a data recovery request, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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